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  Meseberg near Koenigsmark - Koenigsmark in Germany
The following are Jerry' mother's maternal and paternal lines. The two in red ink married eachother.

Herrmann Family
Searching for Carl Frederick Lugwig Herrmann, b. May 1832 in Konigsmark, Prussia/Germany; and his wife Anna Maria Dorthea Fredericke Schoenamann, b. July 1833 in Meiseberg, Prussia/Germany.
(1) Charlotte Dorothea Frederick Wilhamina Schoenamann (from mother's first marriage)
(2) Anna Augusta Louisa Schoenamanns, b. abt. 1860 (from mother's first marriage)
(3) Charles Carl William, b. Aug. 1861, Meiseberg, Germany
(4) William Friederick, b. 1863 Meiseberg, Germany
(5) Emma Maria Louisa b. abt. 1864 in Michigan
(6) Wilhelmina Bertha Augusta Ella Maria Dorthea, b. abt. 1872 in Michigan
(7) Ella, b. abt. 1875 in Michigan
(8) Alfred Hugo Frantz, b. about 1877 in Michigan

Frederick Family
Other side is Christopher Charles Frederick, b. abt. 1826 in Konigsmark, Prussia/Germany; and his wife Anna Sophia (don't know last name) b. about 1829 or 1830.
(1) William, b.2-10-1855 Konigsmark (came with wife Fredericke and child Nellie Schlaak).
(2) Henry, b. abt. 1859 in Prussia/Germany;
(3) Gustav, b. 1861 Prussia/Germany
(4) Charles Christian (Carl), b. abt. 1865 in Konesmark, Saxony, Germany
(5) Fredericka, b. abt. 1868 in Konesmark, Saxony, Germany

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Well, I'll tell you WHAT! I've never seen so many words I either don't recognize/can't figure out or they're combinations with verbs I'm not sure of. Yikes. However, it looks like they've sent an awful lot, and I now see Uwe is the husband writing. How nice. I think what I'd done is put some simple German msg. asking for any info on the Meseberg line and mentioned the towns their names popped up in. So if this man's last name is Meseberg, you're probably related somehow. I didn't look at all of the pictures and notes but see that one is of them on the steps of the library or gallery on opening day. One shows a fest celebrating the town's (what was it- year 1185?) birthday as the crowd is passing by an old monastery. Uwe said he and AnnaLese or Anna Leena also attended this celebration. I must have asked what would be good to see if someone came to visit, and they included info about accommodations. There's something about the church books. Maybe I can try to find out something more for you.

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